22 janvier 2024


It’s around four years since the Tesla Cybertruck first appeared in concept form and almost broke the internet. Now, the first handful of customers have been […]
15 janvier 2024

It surpassed Tesla.. BYD records record growth in electric car sales

The first electric car that comes to mind is Tesla, but a Chinese car, BYD, stole the spotlight. BYD surpassed Tesla, the darling of Elon Musk, […]
8 janvier 2024

The Real Cost of Owning a Tesla

Hello everyone and welcome to our chapcars website. Today we invite you to take a look at Tesla electric vehicles. For those who follow our site, […]
26 septembre 2023

5 REASONS to BUY The New Tesla Model 3 Refresh

Recently, Tesla released their brand new Tesla Model 3 refresh after having used the same design for 6 years. If you’re currently shopping for a new […]