22 janvier 2024


It’s around four years since the Tesla Cybertruck first appeared in concept form and almost broke the internet. Now, the first handful of customers have been […]
16 janvier 2024

The most powerful cars in the world

"When it comes to car enthusiasts and their love for cars, there is one factor commonly used to judge vehicles more than others, and that is […]
15 janvier 2024

It surpassed Tesla.. BYD records record growth in electric car sales

The first electric car that comes to mind is Tesla, but a Chinese car, BYD, stole the spotlight. BYD surpassed Tesla, the darling of Elon Musk, […]
15 janvier 2024

The most anticipated Tesla Cybertruck of 2024

Featuring a robust structure, a formidable appearance, a powerful battery, and immense towing capacity, Tesla’s highly anticipated new electric truck is on the horizon. Let’s delve […]