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16 janvier 2024


It’s around four years since the Tesla Cybertruck first appeared in concept form and almost broke the internet. Now, the first handful of customers have been given early examples at a delivery event in Texas, The angular pickup isn’t in mass production quite ‘yet, however Tesla did confirm it will cost from $60,990 (around £48) in its ‘home marke. I’s not yot known i it will ever reach UK shores. or if Tesla will putit through European safety testing.

‘Alot was revealed about the Production version of the Cyberfruck, Including the fact that despite looking just as outrageous as before, the whole vehicle has been shrunk by around 10% after CEO Elon Musk found the first prototypes too big to drive around in. Roar-wheel steering has also been aded fo give the Cyberttuck a turning
circle equivalent to the Model s.

‘Stickng with the mantra « the future should look like the future the utilitarian Tesla has a striking lightbar spanning the top of its nose and tail, but its headlights and indicators are concealed in a strip just above its bumper. Its angular shape dictates the use of a huge windscreen and single wiper with a long blade, and to ensure it’s as tough as promised, the windows use scratch-proof Gorilla glass capable of fending off a baseball at 70mph and a hailstorm.The body panels are wrought from a new formula of hardened steel which Tesla claims can fend off hammer blows and even stop 9mm bullets.

While Tesla first touted a range of up fo 500 miles, this has now shrunk fo 340 miles for the most efficient version and around 320 miles for the most powerful model.

The latter is dubbed ‘Cyberbeast’, and looks set to arrive first, costing from $99,990 (£79k) and with a tri-motor setup providing 845bhp, while a 600bhp dual-motor model will sit beneath it. In top specification guise, the pickup is claimed to be the quickest in history, getting from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds, despite measuring 5,870mm in length and weighing 3,107kg. Charging should be similarly quick, with up to 1,000kW (1MW) peak speeds possible, matching the Tesla Semi truck, although it’s worth noting there aren’t public chargers capable of such a feat at the moment.

Inside, Tesla sticks with its minimal design language, but the big news is a new 18.5-inch touchscreen that dominates the dashboard. As with the Model 3 and Y, there’s no driver’s instrument display above the steering yoke. The latter utilises ‘steer-by-wire’, with no physical connection between the steering and front wheels. This allows for variable steering, with as little as one turn from lock to lock required to manoeuvre at low speeds, while the steering becomes less sensitive as speed increases. Other than that, there’s a strip of ambient lighting around the front of the cabin, and the rear-view mirror is replaced by a camera feed, because the tonneau cover obstructs rear visibility.

The loading bed itself is around six feet in length and has a payload of 1,134kg, while the Cybertruck is said fo have a maximum towing capacity of 4,990kg in the USA. There’s also a front storage ‘frunk’ and extra space to store items in its rear sail pillars.

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