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It surpassed Tesla.. BYD records record growth in electric car sales

The first electric car that comes to mind is Tesla, but a Chinese car, BYD, stole the spotlight. BYD surpassed Tesla, the darling of Elon Musk, in the last quarter of 2023 by selling more than 525,000 electric cars in the last three months of the previous year, while Tesla sold around 484,000 cars.However, looking at the overall sales in 2023, Tesla remains ahead with around one million eight thousand units, compared to BYD’s approximately one million six hundred thousand. But the most significant aspect is that BYD increased its sales by a staggering seventy-three percent in just one year.

Does this mean that the era of Chinese electric cars has begun strongly ?

Indeed, in the era of electric cars today, there is more confidence in Chinese electric cars, especially those with batteries manufactured in China, such as BYD, which now have a longer lifespan. BYD offers a warranty for six years or 150,000 kilometers, compared to Tesla’s four years or 80,000 kilometers. There is higher assurance and more trust in the Chinese market.

What about entering the European and American markets, which are considered strong competitors in electric cars ?

This is true, especially in the luxury car segment or the realm of Jirs Cars. But let’s not forget that there is a price difference between Chinese cars. Taking BYD as an example, it exceeds fifteen thousand dollars more than other cars. This is one of the factors that Chinese companies also play on. Sales of Chinese cars have increased or doubled in just one year in the European market, and the European industries and market are now concerned about further penetration of Chinese cars.

So, can we say that the future belongs to Chinese electric cars, and there is consumer confidence in turning to the Chinese market for electric cars ?

Indeed, especially in emerging or developing markets, there is a growing inclination towards Chinese cars. When I was in Jordan, for instance, Chinese cars were everywhere, to the extent that I personally rented a Chinese car, and it increased my confidence in Chinese cars.

Have you ever tried a Chinese car ?

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