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The Real Cost of Owning a Tesla

Hello everyone and welcome to our chapcars website. Today we invite you to take a look at Tesla electric vehicles. For those who follow our site, you know that this is a brand that we are passionate about, but what about the real cost of owning this type of vehicle? How much does a Tesla really cost and which are the most efficient models? And above all, are these cars really advantageous compared to thermal engines? We’ll explain everything to you, let’s go!

Tesla is an American company specializing in electric and autonomous vehicles. It is also present in the battery and solar energy market. In the past, the automobile industry was dominated by historic British, German, Japanese, Italian or American manufacturers. Big names like Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Fiat or Ferrari resonate in our collective unconscious. In a short time, these leaders were overtaken by an American company, Tesla.

In 2020, with a capitalization of more than $200 billion, Tesla became the most valuable automobile manufacturer in history. It is true that the American manufacturer Tesla has achieved a feat in barely a decade, by manufacturing a range of purely electric cars and succeeding in making them desirable. But is the cost of maintaining and operating these vehicles so attractive?

The vast majority of car manufacturers increase their prices when they bring a new car model to market, but Tesla is not like everyone else. The company has always reduced or increased the price of its electric cars to stimulate demand, but also to take into account the increase in its production costs. This is one of the main advantages of Tesla’s marketing method, bypassing middlemen such as car dealerships and selling its products directly to consumers.Tesla remains free to set its prices. It even happened that Elon Musk changed the price of one of his sedans just for laughs. He had lowered the starting price of the Model S sedan to $69,420, the sole purpose of which was to mock his startup rival Lucid Motors. As a result, inflation is currently affecting all of our everyday products and Tesla is no exception. This also affects the price of its cars.Indeed, the prices of these have seen a sharp increase due to the increase in the price of materials and problems linked to supply chains. The American company continues to innovate in terms of new technologies and today it can boast of having four electric car models available on the automobile market. The Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X, the Tesla Model 3 and finally the Tesla Model Y.

If you follow Tesla news, you will certainly have noticed that the price of the Tesla Model 3 underwent a significant increase at the start of 2022, going from €43,990 to €53,490. The entry level benefits from a maximum speed of 225 kmh and a WLTP range of 491 km.and you will benefit from a minimalist and bright interior where, as always, we find the touch screen capable of controlling most of the car’s functionalities. Motorists and families looking for a compact model will inevitably appreciate the qualities of the Tesla Model 3. Let’s continue with the Tesla Model 3. You can of course choose the color of the bodywork.

Mother-of-pearl white is multi-layered as standard while the different shades are available for an additional 1,190 euros. If you want to equip your electric sedan with 19-inch sports rims, you will have to pay the same price again. Finally, you can personalize the interior by choosing a black and white celery, costing once again 1190 euros. Finally, you can add features to the autopilot already present in the base model for 3700 euros.And to fully appreciate autonomous driving, the fully autonomous driving capability option is optional for an additional 7,500 euros. Please note that if you have very little interest in driving aids, there is really no point in increasing the bill with these last two options. We have seen how much a Tesla vehicle would cost you to purchase, but is it really more interesting to invest in a Tesla than in a thermal vehicle? The answer is yes.

The Tesla Model 3 is profitable compared to thermal sedans in less than 3 years. Despite the substantial increases in recent times, the price gap with 100% thermal sedans remains quite small. You only need to look at the current price of a BMW 3 Series to realize this. For this comparison, we’ll use the Model 3 20i.Certainly, the 184 horsepower of its 2.0 turbo gasoline are light years away from the performance of the Model 3, but at least its price of 44,000 euros remains acceptable. Between the slight additional cost for the BMW 3 Series and the registration discount for the Tesla Model 3, the price difference between these two models is a little less than 4,000 euros. It is appropriate to add to its purchase prices the costs per kilometer advanced by its cars.We only use fuel costs and not maintenance, the latter being more to the advantage of electric vehicles. On the one hand, a 320i consumes on average 8 liters per 100, where a Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus uses 8.7 kWh per 100 km of electricity including charger consumption. Using the different unleaded prices and an electricity price

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