Model 3

15-Inch Touchscreen

Spacious Cabin

Storage and Charging

Max Legroom

The back seat is very comfortable—with maximum legroom and beautiful views through the all-glass roof.

Tesla owners claim their radar was disabled during service visits

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While there is a change that was made that Tesla owners may not technically be aware of because they didn’t read their agreements, it should be known that the company has been moving away from radar for some time. Cameras are what Tesla is depending on for its autonomous driving development, and it’s been that way for over two years.

Tesla shows Cybertruck seats and testing process in new video

Yesterday, Tesla showed the testing process the Cybertruck seats are going through prior to their installation into vehicles. The automaker is using automation to perform this testing, as it has a “seat testing robot” that will perform “50,000 ingress/egress cycles” on the Cybertruck thrones, translating to a simulation that is equivalent to a “lifetime of use.”


Ford cuts F-150 Lightning prices by nearly $10,000

Ford has cut F-150 Lightning prices by nearly $10,000 on some configurations of the all-electric pickup, while other variants are seeing price cuts by at least $6,000. Citing increased plant capacity, production scaling, cost reductions, and improving raw battery material costs, Ford said it was able to reduce the price of the F-150 Lightning to make it more affordable to customers.

10 Best Muscle Cars of All Time


1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

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Another hero from 1969 joins this list. The Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback was a limited production Mustang.